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How to Make Better Decisions Faster

Paul Epstein  (Award-Winning Leadership & Sales Speaker | 2x Bestselling Author | Former NFL & NBA Executive | Founder, Win Monday Community | Momentum Expert)

Date: Tuesday, September 17

Time: 4:15 pm - 5:00 pm

Pass Type: Expo + Keynote Pass, Summit Pass

Session Type: Keynote

Vault Recording: TBD

For channel leaders seeking unshakable confidence when they need it most, don’t miss this keynote. This is an era when executives are under extraordinary pressure to make the right decisions around AI, adding talent, finding investors to propel growth and letting go of some duties to focus on the future of the business. As Paul Epstein knows well, even the most elite performers can rush to bad judgment, become paralyzed by indecision, or get worn down by decision fatigue.

Epstein spent 15 years in leadership roles in the NFL and NBA where he made make-or-break decisions every day about the future of a sports franchise. He is a two-time bestselling author, awarded by Success Magazine as a top thought leader who gets results. He also is founder of the “Win Monday” Community. Based on his experiences, Epstein will share the streamlined three-step process he’s used to turn around major sports franchises — from the locker room to the boardroom. Attendees will learn how to avoid decision traps, move forward in a clear and confident way, and make MVDs: Most Valuable Decisions. He will help you prioritize the right initiatives and offer advice for hiring, promoting and firing. Epstein’s secret is something called the “The Head-Heart-Hands Equation,” a simple and repeatable process that taps into the power of our three most basic human tools for making better decisions more quickly. Channel leaders will leave with a playbook to help decide when to say “yes” and when to say “no.”

Discover the secrets Epstein has refined to make the right calls when it comes to:

  • Picking Strategy A or Strategy B
  • Choosing who (and when) to hire, fire or promote
  • Deciding whether to spend your time on X, Y, or Z
  • Moving forward with a deal or hitting the eject button