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Sunny KailaFounder & CEO IT By Design

Sunny Kaila is the founder and CEO of IT By Design, a leading talent solutions provider for MSPs across the globe. From his roots as an IT manager, he has built a thriving master MSP business alongside his wife and business partner, Kam.

From day one, ITBD was grounded in honesty, hard work, customer service and genuine partnership. Kaila leads the company with a mindset that sees opportunity where others see hurdles. He isn’t afraid to embrace thoughtful risk when the time comes to make a leap of faith. Those decisions have turned Sunny’s 2003 step into the world of entrepreneurship into a global company with nearly 500 employees servicing small- and mid-sized companies across a variety of industries.

Kaila challenges his entire team to think beyond what is happening right now and seek the next innovative approach to every aspect of the business — from marketing to customer experience to operations. He blogs regularly and hosts a podcast series, “Sunny’s Silver Linings,” about business leadership, advocating for innovation and self-reflection as a business owner. As encouragement for his team and peers to embrace change, Kaila walks the talk — leading the business’ adoption of EOS and holding true to the tenets of that system to help drive efficiency in his burgeoning business. He advocates an open-door policy across ITBD’s leadership team, willingly answering any and all questions during town halls.

Kaila is a computer engineer graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has earned numerous industry and humanitarian awards, including the 2013 Humanitarian Award from the Kidney Urology Foundation of America.