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Jon MurchisonCEO & FounderBlackpoint Cyber

Jon Murchison, founder and CEO of Blackpoint Cyber, has spent more than 12 years planning, conducting, and executing high-priority national security missions. As a former NSA computer operations expert and IT professional, he brings a unique perspective to the mission of developing cyber defense software that effectively detects and detains purposeful cyber intrusions and insider threats. Jon has also helped with cybersecurity assessments, including Fortune 500 enterprises and critical port infrastructures. He started his career in network engineering and IT operations but quickly made the switch over to the covert world of the intelligence community. Currently, Jon holds patents in methods of network analysis, network defense, pattern analytics, and mobile platforms.


  • Founder and CEO of Blackpoint Cyber
  • Former NSA Computer Operations Expert and IT Professional
  • Spent Over Twelve Years Executing High-priority National Security Missions
  • Holds Multiple Patents in Methods of Network Analysis, Defense, Pattern Analytics, and Mobile Platforms